This year I have sold one of my favourite toys, it was heavy weight 6-axis industrial robot with payload of 210 kg and reach 2700 mm – sounds serious.

Have been using it mostly educational projects and milling applications. Have tried out many things but still more to come! Below I have compiled a list of items I have been working with and some that are planned for the future.

Have worked with:

  • 3D Model milling
  • Photography – tracing light movements
  • Milling openings into glass fibre shell
  • Robot configurations
  • Robot wiring and safety
  • Robot calibrations manual and with electronic probe

Planned for the next time:

  • Adding a control device for robot HMI
  • Real time robot control with external controller
  • Photography or filming with robot
  • Long exposure light photography
  • Robot is tracking movements of an object
  • Robot is picking input from video feed
  • Large scale 3D printing

Here below are some photos with some of results I have done, first images are from the robot advertisement.

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